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Our Work

Since its inception in 1990, Marenn Parenn has been growing in its ability to assist the impoverished community of Petite Place Cazeau. As a result, our program is transforming the lives of children and women by providing education, healthcare, community development services, and mentorship. With this in mind, to achieve our mission, Marenn Parenn focuses on the following core strategies.

“Transforming Lives of Children and Women by Providing, Education, Healthcare, Community Development Services, and Mentorship.”

The sponsorship of children and families to help facilitate school attendance.

Transforming Lives of Children and Women
Transforming Lives of Children and Women

Training in the development and initial capitalization of micro-enterprises.

Medical Outreach with local and international partners.

Transforming Lives of Children and Women
Transforming Lives of Children and Women

Clean water and assistance to individuals and local institutions to meet the immediate fundamental need for food, housing, clothing, and health care.

Mentorship for teens and young adults.

Transforming Lives of Children and Women

As a result, Marenn Parenn has blossomed into a nonprofit organization whose mission is to impact the young people and their families of Petite Place Cazeau. 

Our Mission

Above all, Marenn Parenn strives to meet the fundamental needs of impoverished children and their families in Haiti. We are here to assist in fulfilling the need for food, drinking water, housing, clothing, health care, mentorship, and education. Through financial sponsorships, support for local community action, and other Haiti-based community development efforts. We hope to make a lasting impact in the lives of Haiti.

Our Vision

To inspire, inform and implement life changing solutions to see a thriving community where people are self-sufficient.

We have one fundamental belief that education is the key to what ails these families.

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